Kirsch Pipes

Roland Kirsch was born in Hildburghausen / Thuringia in 1952.

From his website

In the course of his life he moved to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, near Schwerin. He purchased a pipe and tobacco from a well-known pipe manufacturer in 2000, and has been smoking pipes passionately ever since.

In 2013 he set up a small pipe-making workshop at home. In August 2014 Roland took part in a workshop in Tabarz near Kallenberg and built enthusiastically made his first pipe. Since then he has made pipes by hand. He uses Bog oak, teak, rosewood and briar for his stummels, and the mouthpieces are made from different colors of acrylic and ebonite.

"Working in my workshop is my hobby; it challenges me as a pipe maker and artist. I am always happy to shape, design and build a pipe until I am happy and ready to hold it in my hands. I cordially invite you to browse my homepage ..."

Contact Information:

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Mr Roland Kirsch
Büdnerstrasse 25, 19073 Wittenförden


phone: 0385 6470788