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Yiannos Kokkinos Custom Pipes

My name is Yiannos Kokkinos and I’m from the Island of Cyprus. I am running a Coffee Shop business and make freehand tobacco pipes in my spare time.

Long time ago I purchased a tobacco pipe kit from an online shop and made my first pipe. It was a deep bowl straight and I have enjoyed smoking it ever since. This is the first time my pipes have been displayed on the internet. Because I have a busy full-time job my production is very limited, but coming from an artistic background: I studied fine arts in Italy as a painter and I’m always thinking up new designs for future pipes and you can be assured that if you purchase a pipe from me it will be a one-of-a-kind.

All my pipes are totally hand made. Because of my limited space at my Coffee Shop, I only use the most basic of tools. [1] I purchase briar plateaux from Greece, Italy and France and stems are hand-cut from the finest ebonite rod.

I love making pipes and I hope you will get as much enjoyment from smoking one of my pipes as I had carving it for you ...

Smoke in peace


The best Latakia Tobacco

Contact information

Website: Yiannos Kokkinos Custom Pipes
Email: yiannos@kokkinospipes.com
Phone: (357)99533037
Yiannos Kokkinos
16a Chr. Mylona
3030 Limassol