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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes

Karol Krska is a Czech Republic artisan who started in 1990. Good freehands, some with strange, daring shapes, "reasonably disproportioned", as Karel has said, who carves "according to inspiration and feeling"' but always following the wood's lead. Krska works with Greek briar, and makes pipes by design or on request. One of his pieces received first prize in the 1996 European Mastership, in Graz (Austria). Sta,p" K (manuscript, Krska + Czech Republic. Grading: Best pieces receive a crown.

History of the firm

Unusual Smooth Bulldog, from Krska's website
Smooth Squat Tomato, from Krska's website

First references about Krska´s pipes date back to 1992. At that time Mr. Krska and Mr. Kopa started to make their first pipes. After the great difficulties with learning about the pipe development and finding new shapes, Mr Krska can celebrate his triumphal victory. Krska´s pipes are being sold at prestigious tobacconists both in the Czech Republic and abroad (from Spain all the way to New Zealand). Krska´s pipes have been exhibited at international pipes exhibitions. At international competitions in “slow-smoking”, the highest price awarded to the winners was the Krska´s pipe. (The most recent one took place in Norfolk in the UK). We are truly pleased that you have chosen our pipes for your time of relaxation. [[

Trio of smooths, from Krska's website

Vendeur exclusif territorial de pipes de Karel Krska pour la France

En collaboration avec le maître de pipes Monsieur Karel Krska une pipe unique inspirée par les lignes de la voiture Gordon Roadster a été crée dans une série limitée : Gordon pipe. Notre société a l'honneur d'être l'importateur exclusif des pipes de Monsieur Krska pour la France. Chaque pipe estampillée d'un voilier est une pièce de collection unique destinée exclusivement pour le marché français. Contactez - nous :

Contact information

Website: Krška
Karel Krška - Ruèní výroba dýmek
Hybešova 46
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
telefon: + 420 - 5 - 4321 0274
tel.angl.: + 420 - 605 478 454
tel.rus./cz: + 420 - 723 335 356
Vendeur exclusif territorial de pipes de Karel Krska pour la France
Page web :
Adresse électronique :
Adresse : Golfe de Saint Tropez, FRANCE 
Numéro de téléphone : +33612844887