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L'Anatra dalle Uova d'Oro Courtesy of italianpipemakers.com

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The egg was opened on a day in September 1998 and "L'Anatra dalle Uova d'Oro" was born; the egg was laid by Massimo Palazzi, fantasy insipired by the famous tale.

In 2000, with the coming of the third millennium, "L'Anatra" decided to undertake a genetic transplant operation with the introduction of genes of Andrea Pascucci.

With both genes, "L'Anatra" is able to produce around 2000 "flights" each year, some acrobatic and weird, some respecting the traditional routes, always using the best "airstreams".

Performing very long flights, they "airplane" all around the world (Europe, America, Asia).

With great satisfaction, L'Anatra remembers New York in 2005, for recieving the Pipe of the Year from "Pipes & Tobacco" magazine, for "Accademie Internazionale de la pipa" in 2004, for the German catalogue "Dan Pipe" in 2007 and remembers the pipe clubs that welcomed them: Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Padova, Milano.

To all pipe smokers, "L'Anatra" sends warmest regards "Quack Quack".

L'Anatra dalle Uova d'Oro 
Strada Sotto le Selve 11 
61100 Pesaro (PU) Italy
Phone: +39.0721.45.50.57
Fax: +39.0721.45.50.57
Email: mailto:anatra.pesaro@infinito.it
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