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== Luis Wiesenthal Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) ==

Lwpipedia6.JPG Lwpipedia2.JPG Lwpipedia10.JPG website shows the pipes created by Luis Wiesenthal. Born in 1951, since childhood felt a great attraction to the world of pipes. Although his professional steps soon brought him to the path of entrepreneurship in the wine cellars of Jerez, always he maintained his artistic interests that developed when his time permitted, in the field of oil and watercolor painting.A few years ago he decided to equip a small workshop to design and manufacture their own handmade pipes. What at first was just a hobby was becoming over time in an activity that provides a complete dedication.

His pipes are free designed while maintaining their personal cult to classic pipes. "It's not just providing a nice aesthetic result because the pipe is not mere artistic object but must also be functional. The dimensions of the air vents, stove, type and finishing of the wood ... everything has a decisive influence on the goal of the pipe to become a good companion. There are beautiful but unsmokable pipes that fail to seduce me and good smoking pipes quite horrific who would not be able to conquer me either. Achieving both virtues at the same time is the ultimate goal of a good pipecrafter"

His pipemasters of reference are the Danish ones, often combining creative freedom without abandoning the classical canons, and above all, completing their work with superb finishes. He confesses his devotion to the work of Tom Eltang. "His mastery in golden contrast and his finishing are exceptional"

Luis Wiesenthal personally selects and cures his briar to ensure the desired quality and the optimal time of processing. Sometimes he also uses olive protuberance wood. "Its aroma reminds me of the smell of wine barrels, of which I have lived so long"

Adapting to new circumstances and preferences of some customers, he also work on electronic pipes also developing high quality pieces respecting the traditional methods of manufacturing conventional pipes. "Developing electronic pipes may be shocking to some orthodox people, but it is a way to provide some former pipe smokers, who have been forced to abandon the tobacco habit, the satisfaction of maintaining contact and company of that magical object as is the pipe".

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