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Leo Børgart has his own and very unique style. Many of his pipes are very advanced and yet they have a touch of the old and pre-classic shapes. He makes pipes with and without filter and he likes to use exotic elements in the ferrule for decoration.

Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Leo Børgart

The finish in both wood and stem are very fine and tells you that this is no amateur. His pipes are quite rare, so if you happen to find some, you should give them a closer look.

Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel

Leo - about Leo

My name is Leo Børgart and I am a self-taught pipe maker. I was born in April 1944 in Copenhagen. It all began when I was an apprentice as a woodworker. I have always been interested in working with wood. After the apprenticeship, I served as a sergeant in the Military Police, in which I spent 6 months in Gaza for the UN. As a natural prolonging of this, I worked as a Police officer in Copenhagen for 25 years. During this time I felt the need to spend my leisure time with something creative, so why not try and make pipes for private use.

I grew up with a pipe smoking father, who made the condition that if I wanted to smoke, it had to be pipe and only at home. After a while family and friends wanted try my homemade pipes. This gave me the opportunity to buy materials and I was on my way to pipe making.

In 1991 a businessman in Milan, Italy contacted me. He wanted to buy my entire production. I had to leave my job and I became a pipe maker full-time. In order to get new challenges I am now a member of danishpipemakers.com. Thank you for taking time to read my story.

Contact Information:

Leo Børgart
Kramnitzevej 9, Glukse,
DK4983 Dannemare
Phone: +45 5494 6292
Pipes available from: Bisgaard Pipes