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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes

Ludwig "Luggi" Lozenz, from his website

Lorenz is an Austrian brand made in the Tyrol since 1886, over three generations, and which was created by the grandfather of the current artisan, Ludwig Lorenz, who has run it since 1985. He uses acrylic stems and briar from Calbria, and produces pipes for 9 mm filters, except for commissions. [1]

About me

from the Lorenz Website

Born in 1963, I began an apprenticeship as a sculptor and earned the title of master craftsman.

My father Karl taught me the tricks of a pipe maker. He guided me with his 60 years of professional experience, for which I am still very grateful. I was introduced to this wonderful profession as a child and am an enthusiastic pipe smoker myself. My grandfather started the production of pipes in 1886. In the postwar years my father Karl Lorenz opened a pipe specialist shop in Innsbruck which I eventually inherited and operated until 2004. The creation of beautiful handmade tobacco pipes established the name of Lorenz at home and abroad.

I do not shrink away from unusual ideas (pipeart). My training enables me to see fresh approaches to produce pipes. I am dedicated to ensure that even my most daring creations are functional and "smokable".

Approximately 150 to a maximum of 200 hand-cut unique pipes leave my workshop annually to grace my showroom and find their new owners. Many customers order custom-made pipes which made a name for me as an “all-rounder”. In the online shop, you can also comfortably shop from home! Of course I also service and repair every brand of pipe.

My family has been hand making briarwood pipes of for three generations. I would like to introduce you into the sensuous world of pipes – savoring tobacco smoke and appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of pipes as works of art. I would be delighted to enrich your pipe smoking pleasure. Together we can fulfill your "pipe dream" as I turn your thought or design into your personal pipe. From cutting to polishing, I create every unique piece myself. Naturally only the best raw materials are used. Southern Italian Briarwood is lovingly transformed into a pipe in thirty different phases. Gold, silver, horn and other materials are also incorporated. The mouthpieces are hand cut and made of acrylic.

A specialty established by my father 70 years ago is the double filter pipe which has given us an Austrian and international reputation. The filter plate in the bottom of the detachable head and a filter in the shaft enable a particularly mild and dry smoking. The double filter pipe is especially appreciated by many newcomers and regulars.

I will gladly advise you! Since these pipes are all unique, the photos are only possible examples. To see and buy current pipes take a look at the Online Shop.

Prices, depending on the wood quality and expenditure of energy, start at 149 Euros for the standard forms. You can buy matching filter rings for a pipe head in practical 100 ring bags for 7 Euros either directly from me.

General information:

Since all pipes are unique handmade pieces, every pipe is thoroughly checked by me. The pricing is primarily determined by the expenditure of energy, the quality and beauty of the wood, and the other materials. The Online Shop and the specialist´s shop prices for pipes are identical! Should you see a nice piece at a shop of your choice, act fast, because you will not get the same pipe cheaper anywhere else!


I ship to the whole world. The pipes are personally packed by me and sent by registered, insured parcel delivery directly to you. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 14-day return policy (for unused goods) will guarantee risk-free shopping!

If you are planning to visit Innsbruck, the beautiful capital of Tyrol, you can drop by my showroom and workshop in Götzens (only 6 km from downtown Innsbruck, see map), to watch me.

I would be very happy to meet you!


Contact Information

Pfeifendesign Ludwig Lorenz
Olympiastraße 11
6091 Götzens
Tel.:    ++43 5234 32075
Mobile:  ++43 699 15 99 88 94


  1. From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes