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'''Pipe makers by location'''
'''Pipe makers by location'''
[[Canada]] | [[Denmark]] | [[France]] | [[Germany]] | [[Great Britain]] | [[Ireland]] | [[Italy]] | [[Japan]] | [[Spain]] | [[Sweden]] | [[United States]]
[[Canada]] | [[Denmark]] | [[France]] | [[Germany]] | [[Great Britain]] | [[Ireland]] | [[Italy]] | [[Japan]] | [[Spain]] | [[Sweden]] | [[United States]] | [[Others]]

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The scope of Pipedia will ultimately be defined by its contributors. Our hope in setting it up is that it will become an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers. Knowledgeable enthusiasts, collectors, and pipe makers are welcome and encouraged to contribute to Pipedia.

Pipe makers by location

Canada | Denmark | France | Germany | Great Britain | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Spain | Sweden | United States | Others

Pipe Making

Off site links related to pipe smoking

Pipes.org(lots of great links and a wealth of information)

NASPC.org (North American Society of Pipe Collectors)

A.S.P (the web home of alt.smokers.pipes, a very active and interesting newsgroup)

TobaccoReviews.com (a fantastic site to research tobaccos you might enjoy)