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Featured Pipe, Teddy Knudsen Volcano, courtesy Lars Kiel

Welcome to Pipedia!

The scope of Pipedia will ultimately be defined by its contributors. Our hope is that it will become an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers. Knowledgeable enthusiasts, collectors, pipe makers, and tobacconists are welcome and encouraged to contribute to Pipedia. Please click the "discussion" tab above if you'd like to dialog with the contributors about the project. Pipe smoking is allowed, encouraged, and facilitated on this site.

New Main Page

Pipedia is growing fast. We outgrew our original Main Page and are in the process of re-organizing. The links to articles on Pipe Makers and Brands now has its own dedicated article (see Pipe Brands / Makers. Materials and Construction also has also been moved to a dedicated article.

The Off site links (related to pipe smoking) have been removed from the main page to Pipedia Links. Also new is the subsection Pipedia News to provide the latest news from the scene.

These and other main subsections are also linked in the navigation bar on the left, where you will also find the search function, an excellent way to find information on Pipedia.

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Pipedia content is a mix of public domain and copyrighted materials used by permission. It is imperative that copyrighted material be used by permission only, and the use of that material be properly cited with the source indicated in the article. See Pipedia:Copyrights for additional information.