Pinocchio Pipe is subbrand of Cafe Artin and managed by Mr. Artin Abrahamian, new line and Armenian company stay in Yerevan.(2010)

Luxury pipe, tobacco and pipe tools.

Pipes are made in Italy in Varese by Marco, from selected and best briars call Erica.

Erica arborea, the tree heath or tree heather, is a species of flowering plant (angiosperms) in the heather family Ericaceae, native to the Mediterranean Basin and Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa.[1] It is also cultivated as an ornamental.

The wood, known as briar root (French: bruyère, Catalan: bruc, Portuguese: betouro, Spanish: brezo), is extremely hard and heat-resistant, and is used for making smoking pipes. Leaf fossils attributed to this species were described for the Mio-Pleistocene deposit of São Jorge in Madeira Island.(wikipedia)

Pipe distributed worldwide, design by pipe maker artists.

Products divide by briar quality, so you can find large amount of models.

One of luxury pipe tampers in different models, hand craft in amazing models:

- Amazing Sherlock Holmes - Coin OZ (Magician OZ) - Meduse - Terracotta - Pipe

Pinocchio pipe tampers, is unique factory that still produce hand craft head tampers.

Contact Information:

Web: Pinocchio Pipe subbrand of Cafe Artin
No. 52 Charens St
Yerevan / Armenia

whatsap: +374 55 39 35 28




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