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Michael's File:Http:// website

Pictured bellow-- Giant Whirlwind; CCCXXXVII.V.; V Grade; 21.0 Centimetres, 8 1/4 Inches Long; 7.6 Centimetres, 3 Inches Tall (bowl); 1.9 Centimetres, 3/4 Inches Tobacco Chamber Diameter; Cylindrical Tobacco Chamber Shape; Hand-selected Italian Briar



Pictured bellow-- NASPC 2006 Special Edition Club Pipe, Grand Billiard


Pictured bellow-- Blowfish Mermaid - Two CDXXVI. V.


From Michael's website:

A Synopsis - of who I am and what I do

My name is Michael Parks and I am an avid outdoorsman.

Predominantly I am a Virginia Leaf smoker, specifically Red Virginia Ribbon.

Regarding the craft of pipemaking I have a particular interest in utilizing exotic materials like Fossilized Mammoth Tusk, Bog Oak, Mokume or Amber, for example. Often my work explores new artistic progressions that unify natural, architectural and antique elements.

On the other hand, however, I also have a deep appreciation for and enjoy creating English 'Classic' pipes. These designs require a focus on balance and symmetry that is refreshing.

Producing fine craft and your appreciation of it is rewarding, and this is what compels me to make tobacco pipes.

Contact information: Parks Pipes 8 Islay Court, Courtice, ON, Canada, L1E 2E7 Email: