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Marek Parol has rediscovered a very old craft as his secondary occupation: he's a Polish clay pipe "baker". Since 1991/92 he produces clay pipes in the east Polish city Przemysl. Parol exclusively uses a typ of clay that burns to a reddish tone. He offers a wide range of shapes which includes historic forms he re-moulded from ancient pipe moulds he could save from the famous pipe factory Gambier in Givet, France called "Reprints" as well as self-developed models with figural subjects and portrays of today's VIPs.[1]

Having worked a while under the tutelege of Ryszard Filar his most interesting clays may be his conversions of wooden pipes in classic shapes. These pipes have double-walled bowls to provide a cool smoke. Indeed, they display fine smoking qualities,

The production is quite low. Parol pipes are rare finds in Polish shops and hardly found outside of Poland.

Contact Information

Marek Parol
ul. Kraszewskiego 12/3
PL - 37-700 Przemysl
Tel.: +48 16 670 4863