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Pedro Ferrizzo sculptural pipes Old style pipe carver

Ferrizzo pipes are fully handmade. No machine is used to shape and to polish them, only a small hand-drill is employed to drill the smoke hole. The artist shapes the pipes only with a straight razor and sand-paper, polishing them with natural bee glue wax prepared by himself.

The woods and roots are mainly of Coronilla Root (scutia buxifolia), a tree that grows very slowly (2mm. per year) on the shores of Uruguayan rivers and streams. It's the artisan himself the one who picks up the lignite at hidden places far away from human activity, achieving a fully natural process that ensures the exclusivity of the pipe. Experienced pipe smokers agree that all these combinations in Ferrizzo´s pipes, certifies a natural and fresh smoke, preserving the utmost of taste and flavor.

In spite of his European ancestors, Ferrizzo, living and searching the raw material for his pipes in such wild territories, feels the legacy of the American natives and, carving his pipes he feels their strength in the creative process. He enjoys watching a figure emerging from a piece of wood, a figure that is inspired by anthropology, the geography of this land and the grain of the wood itself.


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