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'''Elfo pipes [http://www.pipaselfo.50webs.com calabash system]'''                                       
Helios Guidotti, the Uruguayan artisan, chose a kind of small pumpkin as one of the materials for his smoking pipes.  This pumpkin is similar to the ones employed to drink "mate", a typical infusion drank by the inhabitants of the South of South America, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Guidotti uses a system like Calabash pipes which pipesmokers love so much. Elfo pipes, as Calabashes, are similar but not identical.  Each one has slight shape variations, of beautiful esthetics.  One of a kind.  In regard to smoking system, Elfos have the same as Calabash's.
Website: [http://www.pipaselfo.50webs.com Pipas Elfo]

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