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Pablo A. Piombo, pipemaker from Usuahia (Land of Fire, Island), the southernmost city of the world, runs mainly two lines, the PATAGONIA and GRAFFITO lines.

Argentina is a country with all the weather and many wood types that give him the opportunity to create his amazing pipes. The wood comes from the Lenga tree that grows in a special way: With all the time at the End of the World. He also uses Cohihue tree that's found in the Argentine Andes zone. This noble wood, mixed with the tobacco has a perfect and exquisite smell.

The mouthpieces are handmade with Carandai wood, belonging to the Iguazu Falls zone, but it can also be made with horn from the Red Stag that lives in our Pampas.

"The Pipes from the End of the World can't be absent to a collector or an art lover. You'll feel as special as Gardel, Fangio or Maradona holding them in your hands."

Email: pipastango@yahoo.com.ar
Homepage: Pipas Piombo