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A nice to have but not really a need to have, great for indoor smoking so you don't bosh your spent tobacco onto your brand new sofa but not entirely required as anything will do the trick.

Bag and Pouch

Please note: this briefcase was a birthday gift years ago. Regrettably a buying source is not known!

Cleaning Supplies

a tamper or a nail tool both will come in handy


The lighter is an integral part of your pipe experience. It is best to use matches or a butane non torch lighter for your smoke. Zippo makes a pipe specific lighter with a hole cut in the windscreen.

The three other major US non-butane lighter were the Nimrod Pipe Lighter, the Nimrod Commander, and the Beattie Jet Lighter.

Two Nimrod models were eventually manufactured. The Pipe Lighter model was unique in that it looked like a nut and bolt, and was lit by holding a thumb on the spark wheel, and pulling apart the lighter. A second model was the Commander (or Admiral), which resembled the current Zippo pipe lighter.

Pipe Racks, rests, and stands

Photo courtesy of Langston302
Photo courtesy of Langston302

Pipe racks and stands come in many configurations, ranging from simple briar singles to more intricate ashtray models. Here are some for your consideration.


Photos courtesy Pete Reiff, Shenandoah Valley Specialty Products


  1. Electric Briar Pipe Dryer by Blue Mountain Pottery, USA.
  2. German beer mug "Pfeifenclub Michelau" (Upper Franconia). In former centuries smoking in private houses was widely forbidden by fire police regulations. This was the origin of many a pipe or smoker's club. More recently many good housewife forbade her husband to smoke at home for the sake of the curtains. Humorously indicated on the mug by a bird escaping from it's cage.
  3. Avon after-shave lotion, Germany ca. 1980.
  4. Pin "Danish fancy"; origin unknown.