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Pipe Smoking and Health

A review of the medical literature, for the use of pipe smokers and health care professionals.

This review is in the editors original PDF, which maintains his formating: Pipe Smoking and Health

Prepared by:

John H. Trestrail III, RPh, FAACT, DABAT
Clinical & Forensic Toxicologist
5757 Hall St., S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-3845
616-676-9945 (home)
616-486-5519 (office)
E-Mail: mailto:venomous@iserv.net


Most pipe smokers consider themselves greatly different from the other users of tobacco, and as such they must be approached in a much different manner when discussing possible health consequences of their utilization of tobacco. As a result, many needs have been voiced from pipe smokers who would like to know where their type of tobacco use fits into the voluminous literature now pouring forth on the health effects of tobacco use.

In an attempt to obtain a more accurate perspective on the subject, this literature review is being compiled, which represents a current bibliography, with index, of articles dealing with the health effects of pipe smoking. The compiler of this work has a personal interest in the subject both from the perspective being a pipe smoker as well as a toxicologist. It is hoped this compilation will prove beneficial to pipe smokers, as well as health professionals who have to deal with patients who use tobacco in this form.

This review effort is a dynamic process, and the work is constantly being revised with new citations as they are published. If individuals know of any additional literature citations, please send copies of articles to the compiler listed above.

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