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© Pipedia Copyright Notice: Pipedia content is a mix of public domain and copyrighted materials used by permission. It is imperative that copyrighted material be used by permission only, the use of that material be properly cited, with the source indicated in the article.

The following list of source material contributors have given permission for the use of their materials on Pipedia, but retain all rights to the material used. In addition, the material must be properly cited and linked back to the source. Any materials that are quoted, and cited from a specific source should not be edited. Some materials are in protected articles: [1] [2] [3]
R.D. Field [4]
The Pipe Collector, and the National Association of Pipe Collectors (NASP)[5]
Alt.Smokers.Pipes [6] (by special agreement, SYSOP USE ONLY) [7]
G.L. Pease (website and blog) [8]
Tyler Lane Beard [9], for use in the Pipe Making sections [10] [11]
Derek Green (collector) [12]
John C. Loran (collector/author) [13] Tobacconist, with excellent website and informative bios: [14]
Blaik Pipes [15]   
Numerous individual pipe makers and collectors

The source contributor retains all rights to the material. Their permission only extends to Pipedia use. Contact the original source of the material before using it for any other purpose than inclusion in Pipedia articles.

If there is any question as to the source, or the copyright status of any materials on Pipedia, please contact S.E.Thile, Pipedia SYSOP at

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