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* '''IRAN'''
* '''IRAN'''
** '''[http://www.mrartin.com]''' Iranian website, reference for tobaccos imported to Iran. Managed by Mr. Artin Abrahamian. Also see: www.cafeartin.com for shop tobacco and brand pipes in Iran. http://www.pasargadtabac.com/
** '''[http://www.mrartin.com]''' Iranian website, reference for tobaccos imported to Iran. Managed by Mr. Artin Abrahamian. Also see: www.cafeartin.com for shop tobacco and brand pipes in Iran. http://www.pasargadtabac.com/
** '''[http://www.vafa-shop.com]''' pipe and lighter
** '''[http://www.vafa-shop.com/ vafa shop]''' pipe and lighter
**'''[https://dutchpipesmoker.wordpress.com/ Dutch Pipe Smoker]'''  
**'''[https://dutchpipesmoker.wordpress.com/ Dutch Pipe Smoker]'''  

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Forums & Newsgroups

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    • Consejo de Pipa Clubs (Tiene como objetivo promover el intercambio de información y actividades entre los Pipa Clubs hispanoparlantes - Spanish speaking Pipe Clubs )
    • FLAPC (Fraternidad Latinoamericana de Pipa Clubes)
    • Yan Bo Zhi Shuang Ge (The biggest pipe distributor in China)
    • Pipe Village (The portal for worldwide Chinese pipe smokers, dealers and makers, since 2001)
    • PipeCircle (The home of Chinese Neozoic pipe smokers,since 2010)
    • Dim lule forum (first Croatian forum about pipes, pipe tobaccos and pipe makers)
    • Piperson forum (Croatian group about pipes, pipe makers, and tobaccos)
    • Dýmka.net (Czech forum about pipes, tobaccos and cigars)
    • Sikaripalsta (Finnish forum mostly about cigars, but also has pipes, pipe making and pipe tobacco discussions)
  • IRAN
    • cafeartin (The first site in Iran for visits and quality of articles! All about pipes, tobacco, cigar and accessories. Managed by Mr. Artin Abrahamian) Tel: +98 21 77 6 22 460 - 1 Mobile: +98 912 892 0 390
    • PasPasargad Tabac manage by mr.amirhossein rahimi. biggest smoke shop in iran. and 1st tobacco reviews .
    • vafa shop for see brands of peterson pipe,savinelli pipe,stanwell pipe,big ben pipe,bc pipe,db pipe,vauen pipe and...
    • L'Isola Felice del Fumo Lento (Forum dedicated to pipes, cigars and tobacco of the Slow Smoke Fellowship of Insubria, area near Varese)
    • GustoTabacco (The first site in Italy for visits and quality of articles! All about cigars, pipes, cigarettes and accessories.)
    • Legio Forum (The Pipe Club of Rome forum a reference for the agonistic slowsmoke in Europe)
    • Fumare La Pipa (The first and biggest italian website dedicated to pipe, pipesmokers, pipemakers...)
    • Accademia del Fumo Lento (Forum Sigari & Pipa - Per i Golosi del Tabacco)
    • [1] (Polish Pipe Smokers and FMS Pipe Club forum)
    • [2] (Polish Pipe Smokers newsgroup)
    • [3] (The Pipe Club of Bucharest)
    • Pipaforo (Instruyendo en el noble arte de la pipa desde 2008)
    • La Pipa (Página en castellano sobre la pipa y el tabaco)
  • UNITED STATES (with many users from the United Kingdom)
    • A.S.P (The web home of alt.smokers.pipes, a very active and interesting newsgroup)
    • Christian Pipe Smokers (An active group of pipe smokers that also discuss theology)
    • International Pipe Club (Hosted by the International Cigar Club. Great information on pipes and tobaccos. Pipe makers, tobacco blenders and cigar information.)
    • Ladies Of The Briar (Yahoo Group for women pipe smokers)
    • NASPC.org (North American Society of Pipe Collectors)
    • Pipe Makers Forum.com (Great information on pipe making and fellowship with pipe makers)
    • The Pipe Club (Online pipe club forum, diverse conversations, pipe making/repair, reviews, classifieds, and real-time chat)
    • Pipes.org (Lots of great links and a wealth of information)
    • PipesMagazine.com (Online magazine with articles, news, information, interviews, videos, forums and blogs.)
    • Smokers Forums (An active international online pipe-smoking community committed to a civil tone)
    • Club Stogie - (Now Cigar Asylum) (A cigar site in name but one which also has a strong pipe smoking community; see the Pipe Forums.)
    • Brothers of Briar (A community driven pipe forum with a focus on openness and camaraderie.)
    • SmokingPipeTobacco.com (A useful website with links to videos on pipe smoking and access to the Tamp & Puff discussion forums)
    • Pipe Smokers Forum (A community dedicated to the art of tobacco pipe smoking)
    • Pipes With Friends (Pipe Smokers Social Network)
    • Just4Smokers (Just4Smokers)


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