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German pipemaker Wallenstein ceases to sell his pipes directly to his customers. On the occasion of the 30. Inter-tabac Fair Dortmund, September 19. - 21., 2008 Otto & Kopp of Offenbach takes over the worldwide distribution of Wallenstein pipes (excluding the USA). - Foreseeing he will also cease to introduce new pipes on his website. A real pity, because this will make it really difficult for the customer to come to know which pipes are actually available and where.
Kurt Huhn of Rhode Island announces a brand new line of tabletop pipes, the Mount Doom line. See also Kurt's blog.
E. Nachwalter announces to be on sabbatical from pipe making until Jan. 20., 2009.
Danish pipemaker Søren Eric Andersen announced to retire from pipe making by the end of June. He might be selling off his remaining stock on discounted prices.