Pipes by Cody Perkins

Pipes by Cody Perkins


Cody grew up on a small farm in Saskatchewan, where his father was a knife maker. As a young child, he spent hours tinkering in his father’s workshop and, as a result, developed an interest in design and fabrication early on.

Ever since the first pipe he built, he's been absorbed by the story that every block of briar has within it and its desire to tell it. The beauty of working with organic material, such as briar, lies in its unpredictability. He begins by studying the details of the briar block by examining its size, shape, and grain structure. Once he has a vision of what may lie within the block, he begins the work.

"The variation in the grain, and the creative process are what I enjoy most about the art of pipe making. Every one of my pipes is original and unique in its own way. I am very meticulous with the quality of my pipes and you will not find any filler or bowl coats that are often used to disguise imperfections. My pipes are of a high quality, and I would not create a pipe that I would not buy myself."

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Contact Information:

Cody Perkins
Alberta, Canada

E-mail: cody@cperkinspipes.com
Website: Pipes by Cody Perkins