Pipes by Wolfgang

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Pipes by Wolfgang

Wolfgang Blazejewski about himself:

"I came into pipe crafting by being a long time pipe smoker and have always admired the incredible skills of some of the master pipe makers of this world such as Baldo Baldi, Larry Roush and Michael Parks. Of course there are many others but those three pipe makers stand out for me.

As a long time pipe smoker I have always been interested in pipes and with the internet the world became a smaller place, a shopping mall of immense proportions and a schoolroom for those wanting to learn new skills. My ambition was making pipes.

My background is in the arts and owned a small picture framing business for twenty years and am quite handy with tools, paints and woodworking and after some research I decided to get into the craft of pipe making. I truly enjoy making pipes and everything that goes with it.

All of my pipes are made by hand one at a time. I do not use a lathe for bowl or shank turning. All shaping is done with files or a small band sander and or sand-paper. It is just the way I choose to make my pipes.

I enjoy working on my own and every time I start a new pipe it is a new challenge. All my pipes are crafted with attention and care and no two will ever be the same. Each piece of briar has it's own characteristics and becomes a bit of a challenge which makes each pipe unique.

As far as known Blazejewski debuted in early 2007 but is out of business for the moment due to family reasons.

Wolfgang Blazejewski
3 Elite Drive #28
Hamilton, Ontario L8W3L9

E-mail: wolfgang@puffaPipe.com
Website: Pipes by Wolfgang