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Pipsan Pipes

As far as someone who doesn't speak or read the Turkish language understands from the website, Pipsan Pipes was founded in the 1950's. The brand specializes in serial briar pipes, nargileher (water pipes) and various smoker's requisites as shown in the catalog. Main customer countries: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Iran.

According to an unconfirmed information Pipsan produces the Golden Gate pipes, which are normally attributed to be Ukrainian. Mentioned on Pipsan's website for 2005 is a brand named Dapper Pipes, and since 2007 Pipsan distributes the Italian Lorenzo pipes in Turkey.

Pipsan Pipoları / Pipsan Pipes
Mercan, Uzunçarşı Cad. No. 111
Türkiye / Turkey

Phone: +90 212 520 88 71 or +90 212 512 34 17
Fax: +90 212 520 88 71
E-Mail: bilgi@pipsan.com
Website: Pipsan Pipolari