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Tadeusz Polinski and his wife Celina produce various classic, trusty pipes. Massive and well balanced. Really good fellows. Signed with a "P" (styled like a spot and short line) and first and last name on the shank.

Wytwornia Fajek
Tadeusz & Celina Poliński
ul. Regera 9
37-700 Przemysl

Tel.: 016 670 6762

WWW: polinskipipes.com.pl [1] Finely crafted pipes utilizing select hi-grade briars primarily of the Italian ‘Sea-Rock’ and ‘Corona’ Briars. Polinski and his wife Cecylia had began by crafting pipes using ‘Albanian’ briars, and transitioned into utilizing some of the finest briars world-wide, being the fabled Italian ‘Sea-Rock’ briars and the hi-quality ‘Corona’ Spanish briars, in crafting their exquisite tobacco smoking quality pipes. An acrylic mouthpieces, with a “p” logo on left side is their personal trademark. Their trademark pipes commonly are enormously huge briar with huge sized bowls crafted in relatively short-stemmed lengths, finished in various ‘rusticated’ finishes. These massively-stubby pipes are weighing in near the 100 grams ranges. These massively-stubby pipes are a great asset in having a durable “outdoor-pipe” in which to withstand the rigors of unpredictable areas. Their superb smokability rivals the pipes brands recognized world wide for quality. Tadeusz Polinski, along with his wife Cecylia, handcraft outstanding smoking pipes and utilize their ‘eBay Store’ as their primary retail outlet for America.