Portland Pipe Co.

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Portland Pipe Company was an English pipe maker, and appears to have started in the 1930's, and went out of business in 1962. It's though they had ties to Barling pipes from the 1930's. They might have been a sub-brand or "second" which was separate from, but fully owned by Barling's all along. It also thought that after Portland closed down, and during Barling's corporate era (BB&S), Barling picked up some of the Portland brand (Londoner, Cragmoor and Portland) and made them for a while.

WILCZAK & COLWELL in their book "Who Made That Pipe?" acknowledge the brand as from England, though some have been made in Italy as well (see Pipephil.eu).

The Brand John Peel is a pipe which has the stamping: JOHN PEEL, A PORTLAND PIPE, MADE WHOLLY IN ENGLAND

I have a model with is also stamped SPECIAL, it's a stack design with shape number 801.

This pipe might have been made either by Portland or Barling.