Prince Of Wales

"It is quite a three pipe problem, ..."

PrinceOfWales 01.jpg
  • The name "Prince of Wales" was used at times by GBD for a sub-brand.
  • Pipephil shows English made Prince of Wales which bear the Union Jack (the flag of the United Kingdom) as logo.
Also listed by Pipephil is a brand named P.O.W. attributed to a Scottish firm G.M. Frame. Now, if P.O.W. doesn't stand for "prisoner of war", this might be an indication that there are two different Prince of Wales productions.
  • Danish made semi-freehands stamped "PRINCE OF WALES" + "DANISH LINE" + "HANDMADE IN DENMARK". The stems, as usual for the bulk of such pipes, often as stitch in stems. Decorated with a white ring and a stylized Danish flag. (Were once mentioned as order production for GBD. - Unconfirmed!)
PrinceOfWales 02.jpg
  • Prince of Wales Made in Italy. Quotation: "In the spirit of the Bing's Favorite Pipe, Savinelli expands it's line of pipes favored by famous pipesmokers. Prince of Wales Favorite series features a new mosaic designed mouthpiece which gives it a unique look like no other series. This pipe can be used with or without Savinelli balsa inserts (20pk included)."