R. Quagliata Pipes

Quoted from Ryan Quagliata's website:

"My first memories of a pipe are of my great grandfather sitting in his over stuffed armchair reading the paper and smoking one of his many pipes, as I played at his feet. I think most pipe smokers have a similar memory or strong male influence that sparked the interest for them.

I started smoking a pipe about 9 years ago, and I love it. I’m positive it will continue to be a life long enjoyment of mine. The enjoyment I got from smoking a pipe in the beginning, led me to want to learn to make a pipe of my own. I thought it would be a challenge to make a pipe with my background in cabinetry, machining, and jewelry making.

So I went to my local tobacco shop and bought a pre-bored block of what I now think, was Grecian briar and a vulcanite stem. That first pipe I made, made me hunger to learn more and perfect my pipes. I learned about Pipe Maker’s Emporium from the helpful people at Stag Tobacconists. They steered me toward the owner, Paul Hildebrand. Everyone there told me that Paul is a very nice man and he teaches a class on pipe making. Unfortunately, I was unable to afford the class. After going to his shop and getting advice numerous times, I found out that his former assistant that was repairing pipes with him was no longer able to. I asked if I could repair pipes with him in exchange for the opportunity to learn to make pipes. Paul agreed and I began learning how pipes are properly engineered and how to utilize the tools in my shop for pipe making.

With the support of my loving wife, Paul, and Horace DeJarnett, I started buying block after block, trying to perfect my newfound craft. I have begun crafting my own stems from ebonite and Cumberland and using Delrin tenons. I also have my pipes laser engraved for a long lasting, clean appearance. I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without their help. I have been motivated and inspired by the work of Jody Davis (J. Davis), and Jeff Gracik (J. Alan Pipes)."

R. Quagliata Pipes
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