Reiner Thilo Bindschädel

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Dear Pipe-Friend,

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Reiner Thilo Bindschädel.

Handmade pipes, made by myself, out of the finest Plateau-Briarwood from Tuscany, Calabria and Corsica, is my business.

Each pipe is unique, which has the manufacturing number, the manufacturing year and the quality level engraved.

Finest Materials as well as a very careful workmanship and an excellent smoking characteristic is the distinctiveness of "Reiner Thilo Pipes".

The pipes made by myself have a smooth surface and are available either completely rusticated, sandblasted and predominantly stained in a bright color.

All mouthpieces are entirely handcrafted and made out of Ebonite (Vulcanite), Acrylic (Lucite) and Cumberland.

I do not use any cement, lute or putty, so tiny sandpits will occasionally remain on the pipe.

All my pipes are stained and waxed. Thus the wood can breath and as a result one will gain an excellent smoking characteristic.

All my pipes can only be purchased through authorized dealers.[1]


Authorized Dealers

Contact Information

Reiner Bindschädel
Dr. Georg-Meier-Str. 4
76703 Kraichtal

Tel. +49 (0) 72 51 - 6 80 71


  1. From Reiner's Website