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Road Town

Road Town pipes are made in China, apparently by various makers and distributed though Wilson Pipe Studio. There is very little information associated with this brand aside from the following description in eBay auctions.

Brand founder, Wilson is a former architect who was once a world-renowned pipe agent. Since the establishment of “Wilson pipe studio” in 2011, we have been learning traditional pipemaking methods and developing our unique style at the same time. At present, we have more than 20 professional pipemaker. We are committed to creating beautiful, interesting and easy to use pipe works for the customers.

There are two series under HS Studio:

"Classic" series, inscribed as "HS STUDIO / ROAD TOWN", Make the traditional style of pipe.

"FREEHAND”series, inscribed as "HS STUDIO / HAND MADE", Make freestyle pipe.

A thread on indicates they smoke well and are attractive for the price, but there is some concern about the nature of the bowl coating. roadtown-pipes on

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