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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes

Rogrus is a Polish brand by the artisan Robert Gruszcynski, a fine arts graduate, as well as a sculptor, painter, and furniture restorer. He produces sculpted and free forms in briar, as well as in stone and clay. Symbol: stylised rg in a circle.

Freehand Sitter, courtesy

From Robert Gruszczynski is a Polish pipe maker from Warsaw who specializes in particularly ornate, formal compositions. He has a background as a classical artist, having worked, at various times, as a sculptor, painter and as a restorer of antique sculpture and furniture. Though it's clear that much of his aesthetic inspiration lies outside of pipes, he also seems to draw on the work of Kent Rasmussen and Hiroyuki Tokutomi for stylistic inspiration.