Rudolf Apelt

Rudolf Apelt started his career at Design Berlin, where he was designated to be the successor of Lothar Schirwitz. Thus having been in charge of the pipe production as well as the design work and also creating unique freehands he stepped out on his own when he felt the time was ripe to do so. Now he makes pipes as Baiano. This pseudonym is his mother's maiden name.

Besides freehand pipemaking Apelt also dedicates himself to sculptures, wooden adornments and frames for mirrors. Though not speaking English (yet) Apelt enjoyed a very successful debut at his 1st Chicago pipe show in 2007 under the patronage of "Piepenhoeker" Rolf Osterndorff.


Contact Information

Rudolf Apelt
Talstraße 20
14959 Trebbin OT Thyrow

Phone: +49 (0)33731 12132
Website: Baiano ART