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Quoted from Russ' Website:

"Each and every pipe on this site is hand made here in New England. Crafted from fine briar and exotic woods, these pipes are designed, built and finished to last longer than...well...longer than you...and provide years of smoking bliss. Each block is hand cut and drilled by me in order to ensure a perfect draw, great balance and elegant fit. I do not utilize any fills in my work. Any flaws will be mentioned in the pipe description and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

My recently acquired love of pipe making is a result of curiousity and boredom...with perhaps a small amount of talent in there somewhere. I'll let you be the judge. Just as there is always much to be learned about smoking a pipe, there is equally as much to be learned about the craft of pipe carving. This hobby is truly an ongoing process that leads me further down the slippery slope of "briar addiction" with each pipe that I create."

Pipes by Russ Alan

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About Russ Alan

"Well...I really dont know how much there is to tell. I was born and raised in the great state of Rhode Island I am currently 22 years old.Over the years I have developed a passion for all things "nature", and much of my work is inspired by the world around me. I currently work full time in biomedical research and do much of my pipe crafting on weekends and after my work day ends. Although pipe making is not a full time job, it is something that I have come to thoroughly enjoy.

I have been making pipes for almost as long as I have been smoking them...which really isn't that long. I find a sense of joy in taking a piece of briar and turning it into, what I consider, a utilitarian piece of art. There is a great sense of pleasure in knowing that I can provide others with a beautiful hand crafted piece of art that can inspire, relax, and become the object of many memories for years to come."

Russ Alan Pipes
963 Greenville Ave
Greenville, Rhode Island 02828
Website: Russ Alan Pipes