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S.E.Thile Freehand Apple w/B&W Ebony cap, FH107
S.E.Thile Freehand Apple w/B&W Ebony cap, FH107
S.E.Thile Freehand Volcano, FH99
S.E.Thile Bulldog, Opus2_57
S.E.Thile Freehand Dublin, FH47
S.E.Thile Freehand Poker, Boxwood accent, FH71
S.E.THILE Freehand Poker #77

Scott's website

From Scott's website: For many years I dreamed of making my own pipe one day, and I finally did. It was christened in February of 2006 as Etude #1, The Piano Tuner's Pipe. Many flaws and mistakes of course, but a wonderful and rewarding experience. I was hooked! New to pipe making, but loving it with a passion, and dedicating nearly every spare moment to either making pipes of my own, or studying the techniques and artistry of master pipe makers. My hope is to one day be among that elite group. For now, I'm hoping to soon be considered amongst the up and coming.

I'm essentially self-taught, but with constant help and feedback from members of the pipmakersforum.com. An amazing resource, several of the members are true masters of the craft, and amazingly generous in passing on their gifts to the rest of us.

I am a piano tuner-technician and piano rebuilder by trade, as well as a musician. I love music and I find musical instruments and the materials they are made from beautiful and fascinating. The musicians, and the musical forms and compositions I work with are a great inspiration to me. I hope to use musical elements and themes as inspiration in my pipe making. I also hope to use some exotic instrument materials as accents in my pipes.

Three Pipe Set Center

Contact information:

S.E.THILE Handmade Pipes 
1205 Doran Rd., Murray, KY 42071, USA
Phone: 270-853-3312 | E-mail: mailto:sethile.pipes@gmail.com
Scott Thile

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