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Scott's website

I've been making pipes part time since February of 2006. New to pipe making, but loving it with a passion, and dedicating nearly every spare moment to either making pipes of my own, or studying the techniques and artistry of master pipe makers. Essentially self-taught, but with constant help and feedback from members of the pipmakersforum.com. An amazing resource, several of the members are true masters of the craft, and amazingly generous in passing on their gifts to the rest of us.

Pictured bellow-- 2006 Christmas pipe, smooth bulldog: From Algerian briar; Bowl Height: 2.05"; Bowl diameter at rim: 1.74; Overall Length: 6.25 "; Chamber Diameter: 3/4"; Chamber Depth: 1.53"; Hand cut German Ebonite Stem; Delrin Tenon. I find Bulldogs to be an extremely challenging shape. The lines and angles demand symmetry, and show every deviation from it. They have proven to be an excellent study. I hope this is the first of traditional S.E.THILE Christmas pipes. This one and only for 2006 was a gift for my son, John, who loves Bulldogs, and loves Christmas. He reports it's an excellent smoker.


Pictured bellow-- Grade D Freehand Dublin, partial blast. Height: 1.85", Diameter:1.61", Overall Length: 6", Chamber Diameter: 3/4", Chamber Depth: 1.54", Hand cut Ebonite Stem with a Delrin tenon. Beautiful birdseye on top, with some nice ring grain on the blast.


Pictured bellow-- OP1 #28, Grade A, Pokerbash Blast: Height: 2.5"; Diameter: 1.72"; Overall Length: 6"; Chamber Diameter: 3/4"; Chamber Depth: 1.62". Scott's description: Hand cut Cumberland Stem with a Delrin tenon and ivory accent ring. Very nice birdseye on top and bottom, and very decent ring grain on the blast.


Pictured bellow-- Etude #26 Grade B, Smooth Calabash: Height: 2.7"; Diameter:1.65"; Overall Length: 6.5"; Chamber Diameter: 3/4"; Chamber Depth: 2.2". Scott's description: Hand cut Ebonite Stem with a Delrin tenon. Beautiful birdseye on both sides, with wonderful cross grain on top, front, back, and bottom. This is a beautiful pipe, especially if you like birdseye! It's quite large, but remains graceful.


I have enjoyed pipe smoking and collecting since a young lad of 16 and loved wood and working wood for as long as I can remember. I have picked up some skills with wood and tools, largely from my piano rebuilding work, and making a few pieces of furniture.

For many years I dreamed of making my own pipe one day, and I finally did. It was christened in February of 2006 as Etude #1, The Piano Tuner's Pipe. Many flaws and mistakes of course, but a wonderful and rewarding experience. I was hooked!

Since that first pipe I have dedicated nearly every spare moment to pipemaking and studying the work of the masters. My hope is to one day be among that elite group. For now, I'm hoping to soon be considered amongst the up and coming.

Contact information:

S.E.THILE Handmade Pipes, 1205 Doran Rd., Murray, KY 42071, USA

Phone: 270-853-3312 | E-mail: mailto:sethile.pipes@gmail.com