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Joan Saladich i Garriga about his pipes:

"Because every pipe, I think, must have its own personality, while matching perfectly the smokers taste: All my pipes are purely hand made, using only the best materials. Only available through personal ordering.

Saladich Portrait Pipes in porgress

THE CONCEPT: Each pipe is treated as an unique and personal piece.

THE TECHNIQUE: By following the traditional craft techniques such as: Hand-Carved, by using a gouge and chisel. Hand-Turned, by using a hand-held chisel.

THE MATERIALS: The bowls are made of briar wood, chosen from blocks of super-extra quality, after they have been carefully laid to dry for three to eight years. Grained blocks are used for the classic shapes and "Freehand"; whereas the blocks with thick and squeezed grain are used for the craved pipes (sculptures).

In the finish of the bowl inside walls, no kind of additive is used. The oils, fragances, added crusts of coal, etc., disguise the natural "culottage" of excellent quality briar.

The stems, handcrafted, are usually made of acrylic and, if suitable for the style of the pipe, they are made of horn and even of amber.

THE ORNAMENTS: Rings, lids,... always using noble materials, such as silver, gold, ivory or amber.

THE MODELS: Of all kinds, from personal portrait, figure, specially made classic shapes, "Freehand", reproductions of antiques, etc.

RESTORATION AND REPAIR: Owing to my long experience in the making of pipes, many collectors, antiques professionals and smokers in general have, therefore, entrusted to me their favorite pipes."

Contact Information:

Joan Saladich i Garriga
08450 Sabadell (Collsabadell / Barcelona)