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All RC Sands pipes are stamped with the "Lazy S" logo, and do not bear any dates, series codes, or other markings.

RC "Chuck" Sands has been making pipes in what he calls "the old school way" since 1998. He spent several years learning from notable Columbus pipe maker Tim West, and almost immediately began making pipes with a simple goal: To make the best-smoking pipe he possibly can, and to offer them at a price within reach of the average pipe smoker. This led him to develop very particular methods of drilling and construction, and to spend the majority of his efforts on the mechanics of the pipe, leading to a highly refined process.

As a result, Chuck's pipes do not feature exotic materials or precious metals - only the best Grecian briar available, and hand-finished stems meant for comfort and durability. All of his pipes are made by hand, using shop-made tooling and machines. All stummels are made of the best Grecian briar available, and smooth pipes are finished exclusively by hand.

Chuck works out of a converted dairy barn in Pickerington, Ohio on the farm where he keeps his horses. Customers who have stopped in for in-person visits, usually to pick up commissions in person, are often surprised by the simplicity of his workshop. Chuck does not use a lathe or any type of pattern or guide for his pipes, choosing the shape of each piece by reading the grain of each block and working from there. The majority of shaping is done on a large homemade sanding wheel, with refinements done on smaller and softer wheels, and with smooth pipes being slowly tuned by days and sometimes weeks of hand sanding on his back porch. Sandblasts are done by feel and by eye, until they look and feel right based on their individual character.

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