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Hello everyone my name is ST Kuo, I make HAND MADE smoking pipes under the name "Santaroko Pipes". I live in Taiwan and after working for many years in IT Storage Networking (which is a very hot topic in the computer industry), I was able to retire and pursue my true love of making pipes, it is what truly inspires me and allows me to express my creativity. I have loved the artistry and craftsmanship of pipes since I was a much younger Man,and now I can do this for my own satisfaction and hopefully for yours as well.

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ST Kuo

I have traveled to over thirty Countries for business, during my trips I checked out pipe shops and admired the craftsmanship of others, but as I found pipes that really appealed to me, a little voice inside my head kept telling me ... "You should make your OWN pipes, this is what you are destined to do!" Shortly after this revelation I came to a point in my life that allowed me to do exactly that, I was able to retire early from the large company I spent so much of my life at,and pursue my OWN dream and make it a reality.

Most would just sit on their balcony and watch the Sunset, but I have a burning desire to create, to see where my dreams will lead me, and now after some time has gone by, I have made many pipes, used my imagination to not just make a standard pipe, but to experiment with different designs and materials that just come to me, and I've gotten much encouragement from not just local people but also from people all over the world, so I must be doing everything right.

The knowledge I have gained from this very site (Pipedia) along with Wiki for Pipes, YouTube and other sources on-line, is like having many Mentors, each giving me more ideas, and I love to experiment with all sorts of different materials and methods learned from all these very talented Pipe makers who so generously share some of their techniques. There is something very satisfying about taking some materials and transforming it into a work of art that also will give the owner a wonderful smoking experience.

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