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Hello everybody, I am from Taiwan the one have passion on pipes making was retired from "Storage Networking one of the very hot IT business", I love pipes since i was 30.

More than 30 countries had been traveled and collected pipes when I saw the one admired. A whisper always surrounded me said "make your own pipes" when I faced my serious stepping in my life which is "retirement" what you do then ? sitting my balcony watching sunset everyday. NO, i would not do that, I decide to chase my interest, "Pipes Making", Well Lucky me, here I am ! this is the strength to put me on the track to making pipes today.

The pipes knowledge I learnt from is this is the very webs that help me lots, I could say its my mentor. there is another webs helped me "youtube", the practice I learnt lots. Of course one very important fact that give you hands feelings(a real experiences I could touch )the pipes which I collected years ago. Really masterpieces from master makers.

Bamboocala-2.jpg I will write more ....

Contact Information:

You can reach me on my facebook