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Sabina Santos is the name behind Sabina Pipes, handmade pipes from Portugal. One of the few active female pipemakers in pipe carving community.

Sabina Santos was born on 20th May 1985 in Tiel, Netherlands, but lives in Portugal since she was 3 years old. She is married and a mother of a 5 years boy.

Sabina has a Communication Degree but she used to work in Finantial area. Working with numbers gave her useful skills as concentration, accuracy and focus on details.

But she always missed an activity in which she could express her criativity.

Her old job was a bit stressful and she usually dedicated her free time to small projects of wood craft. Working with hands always gave to Sabina a peaceful and fulfillment feeling.

When her husband, a long time pipe smoker, began to explore the pipe makers universe, she started to find it very interesting and she felt in love with the idea of carving a pipe.

​After her son were born, she left her job to be a stay at home mom and when he was 3 months old, Sabina had the opportunity to carve her first pipe.

She just loved the experience and it was the beginning of her journey as pipe maker.

During three years Sabina was a self-taught pipe maker, learning with each pipe, with attempts and errors.

But it was not enough for her and she felt the urge to learn more.

​To achieve that Sabina spent 7 weeks in Denmark in a journey to improve her skills in pipe carving.

​The pipe maker Joao Reis has been Sabina's Mentor and with him she got another view from the smoking pipe design and engineering.

​During her stay in Denmark, she got also precious lessons and advices from the pipe makers Kai Nielsen, Tom Eltang, Kurt Balleby and Tao.

Attending the Chicago Pipe Show and the International Pipe Show in Chengde - China, Sabina could also meet other pipe makers, who have became good friends and also share their knowledge, as Alex Florov and Premal Cheeda.

The design of Sabina's pipes have a strong Danish influence.

She get inspiration in the great Scandinavian Pipe Masters, such as the Ivarsson Family, Bo Nordh, Paul Ilsted and Jess Chonowitsch.

She likes the classic shapes but with a modern twist.

Despite Sabina pursue an aesthetic approach, when she's carving a pipe, her main focus is always in a rigorous engineering and drilling execution in order to ensure a superior smoking experience.

She seek for beautiful pipes, never forgetting they are intended to be smoked.

Sabina's pipes are all stamped as "Sabina" and some got in addition the "G" stamp. This stamp is just reserved for the greatest pipes and a tribute to her son, Gil.

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