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Konstantin Shekita is not only but one of the first Ukrainian pipemakers. A young Shekita started his career in tobacco industry at Kiev factory Golden Gate in the nineties. First he polished pipe mouthpieces; however he started soon to create smoking pipes from their design to manufacture. The factory manufactured wooden furniture as well, so he has enough raw materials for his first pipes.

The first briar pipes Shekita made of briar supplied from Albania, where it grew near to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Selected old briar was exported to Ukraine for smoking pipe manufacture. Shekita soon started to work individually, however continuing his cooperation with Golden Gate. Shekita pipes are successfully sold in the CIS and in Europe. During 17 years the master made over five hundred of exclusive smoking pipes. Not all of them are available. Shekita is known to leave his pipes for own collection.

After several years of work in tobacco field, Shekita decided to try own skills at the competition on making of smoking pipes in "billiards" shape, where he was the second. Later at the Kiev slow-smoking competition, the winners were awarded with Shekita pipes. The slow-smoking championship is a kind of new entertainment, first time it was held in Denmark in 1991.

Also Konstantin Shekita attended different competitions on briar smoking pipes manufacture, such as in Przemysl, Poland, in 2007, the World Cup in Russia, in 2007, and the international competition in Chicago, in 2008.

The former sportsman and popular stuntman who took part in known action and adventure movies, he has recently started to smoke a pipe, as he said to understand pipesmokers’ feelings.

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