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Denny Souers Pipes

Mainly Danish style, high-quality, hand-carved freehand pipes. You can find a few on eBay, occasionally.

From various defunct newsgroup archives, some info on Denny Souers:

Ben R. 16 years ago

Lion Crest sold a lot of pipes that Denny Souers made. Assuming the pipe you got is in good shape, you got a good deal. Denny Souers pipes were never cheap.

Biervergnugen 16 years ago

Denny and his wife make a yearly appearance here in Louisville, KY each year during our St. James Art Fair. He works from his home in Ohio (Columbus, maybe?) producing some very unique pieces. I know two lads who have accumulated 7-day sets of his work! One of these pieces was specially made for my friend (who is of a rather substantial stature) by Denny after coming across an especially large piece of briar which yielded what we lovingly refer to as the Driftwood-special. A definite one-of-a-kind!

r*** 16 years ago

Denny has made some great smoking instruments. I have two. He has a flair for artisan style pipes as well as Danish. He is also a regular at the annual juried Louisville Arts & Craft Show. He seems to spend most of his time in Florida these days. After Lioncrest left their site I haven't seen much of his work, except occasionaly on Ebay. Enjoy you pipe, it was an excellent purchase.

If you go to and look up and go back to 2003, then the Denny Souers link, you can see a wide variety of his pipes.

From one of his eBay pages:

"I have been creating hand-carved Grecian briar pipes for 40 years. I hand-carve unique pipes that impress the eye, please the touch and satisfy the pipe smoker’s need for a one-of-a-kind experience. I [carve] EACH pipe with my insignia, DCS, which has met a serious standard of pipe-making.

I start with plateaux blocks of Grecian briar paying careful attention to the wood grain. I turn the tough burl blocks into individually crafted works of art in a variety of styles, from the dramatic freehand to the classics. I am constantly feeling the comfort level and ease of handling. I Keep the pipes light weight, 2 oz., so they are always comfortable.

Important design features include tobacco holes cut in a distinctive teardrop shape to allow a better draw, and bowl walls which measure greater than a quarter-inch to maximize a cool smoke.

All my pipes are finished with carnauba wax which allows the bowl to breathe while protecting the wood from oils and impurities. The bowls are not pre-carboned so you can judge the fine unfinished wood grain for yourself."