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"My name is Don Speden and I’m from New Zealand but currently residing in Niigata City, Japan. I work as an English teacher and make freehand tobacco pipes in my spare time.

In 1999 I purchased a Tsuge tobacco pipe kit from a local tobacco shop and made my first pipe. It was a deep bowl bent apple and I have enjoyed smoking it ever since.This is the first time my pipes have been displayed on the internet. Because I have a busy full-time job my production is very limited, but coming from an artistic background as a sign writer and landscape painter I’m always thinking up new designs for future pipes and you can be assured that if you purchase a pipe from me it will be a one-of-a-kind.

All my pipes are totally hand made. Because of my limited space at home I purchase briar plateaux from aboard and only use the most basic of tools including a rasp and a small selection of needle files and of course a small coping saw. I feel in today’s society we are losing touch with traditional crafts as machines now make most things we use in our daily life. Therefore I for one like to promote the use of traditional crafts and making my tobacco pipes by hand is my way of doing that.

Shogatsu2.jpg Kanbara4.jpg

If the finished pipe is not one I would keep for myself then it is not good enough for sale. I hope you enjoy looking at my tobacco pipes and any comments are most welcome."


Email: mailto:spedenpipes@yahoo.com
Homepage: Speden Pipes