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Karl-Heinz Syring (* January 6th 1933 in Kiel; † July 19th 2006 in Flensburg)

Karl started his carrer as a policeman in 1950 in Kiel and retired after 43 years in the year 1993. He was also a well known member of the International Police Assiciation (IPA). He started with the pipes in the early sixties and built at least 1611 handmade pipes. These pipes were sold all around the world

Syring, working primarily as a pipe repairman, operated a small shop with workshop in Toosbueystrasse 14 in Flensburg. Whenever he found the time, he worked on his own freehands, which were offered exclusively in his small salesroom along with a fine collection of tobaccos.

As a pipemaker Syring was one of these "olde world" craftsmen: down to earth, modest and extremely carefully. His pipes, made appr. 50:50 with/without filters, were fairly influenced by the classical Danes like Sixten Ivarsson and Poul Rasmussen. Mr. Syring prided in the customer's satisfaction.

He was always very helpful when someone came along who wanted to give himself a try as a pipemaker. One of the latter was Tom Richard Mehret who made his first contact with Lady Briar with ebauchons, mouthpieces and lots of good advice from Syring. Mehret made his first pipes in January 2003.

Besides that, Syring enjoyed good company. For years he held a tobacco circle in his house starting at 10.00 a.m. on each 1. Sunday in the month.

Karl-Heinz Syring retired in 2004.