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Talk:Airflow: The Key to Smoking Pleasure

I am an old pipe smoker for more than 30 years. I don't own an expensive pipe but among the pipes I do have, I've found that some of them have become my favorites and some not so much. I have just begun pipe carving and I'm very interested in make the best pipe I can. After reading this article on opening up the stem bore and the fact that some believe in it and some don't, I have this to offer to any non-believer.

I took one of my less favorite pipes which always smoked real hot. I couldn't keep it burning and never was able to smoke it to the bottom because the tobacco at the bottom was wet. This morning I used a 3/32 inch bit and by hand twisted it into the air hole in several places along the bit end slit which opened it up. I couldn't even get a pipe cleaner all the way through the stem before.

I cleaned it up good and loaded it up. I wouldn't have believed the difference it made in the smoke quality and ease of smoking the pipe, and although I haven't been able to find my favorite tobacco yet, for the first time ever, I am able to actually tast the tobacco and I like what I'm smoking.

Thanks so much for the information. P.S. I'm still reading.

James Laughlin

James, you might want to read Scott and my comments on your previous post in Talk:Pipe Tobacco Today - Frank.
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