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When Bjorn can’t be found in his nice workshop in Copenhagen he will probably be attending his other great devotion – fishing.

Bjorn has just realized one of his old ideas:

“The worlds first Angler hand carved pipe”.

It’s a beautiful straight model with bamboo shank – but not just any bamboo, Bjorn is using genuine handmade “Split Cane” (what else for an Angler pipe), decorated with genuine jungle cock feathers.

Have a look at his pipes below accompanied by his own words:


Image Courtesy Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy Lars Kiel

Follow Izaak Walton’s footsteps ! “To be or not to be, that is the question”, but to be an angler and a pipe smoker, are the perfect combination to relax and “disappear” from the daily stress.

You now have the chance to be one of the few - among many pipe smokers, to obtain a numbered pipe of The Angler pipe with your own name on the certificate.

The production is very limited, therefore I take the liberty to put you on special order, for the last amount of the pipes.

Bjørn Thurmann Pipe03.jpg
Bjørn Thurmann Pipe04.jpg
Bjørn Thurmann Pipe05.jpg

There are many operations in pipe making, which can only be done by hand. Therefore the skill and degree and hand craftsmanship is of great importance.

The first Hand carved Angler pipe is shaped in accordance with the grain of the briar – between bowl and stem, the shank is mounted with real split cane, which gives the Angler a proud design to reflect his personality, furthermore the split cane is fitted with genuine jungle cock feathers.

To complete your smoking, The Angler Pipe can be obtained with a tamper.

Why not? - or off course! The tamper is split cane, too, jungle cock mounted, and sterling silver ends.

Bjørn Thurmann's Pibemageri
Postgade 5
DK-3740 Svaneke
Tlf. +45 5647 2814
Bjørn's Website
E-mail: mailto:pipemaker@thurmann.dk