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About me

I started smoking pipes in the early 90s, late 80s maybe for corncobs. I own a very small collection of pipes including:

  • Erik Nørding Freehand second (signed but unfinished).
  • French Straight second (or "third": pits on outside of bowl, unfinished, no make), smoked well until it got dropped and the stem broke, needs repair.
  • Calabash Pipe with Meerschaum bowl.
  • SmokeMaster Series 300 (orange diamond) - my father's pipe, smokes amazingly well and long, the draw can be a bit strong though.
  • Meerschaum purchased in Mosul in 2004, never smoked.
  • Waterpipe purchased in Riyadh in 1990, never smoked.
  • Traditional German ceramic pipe with cherry stem received as a gift in 2010 in Bavaria, never smoked.

I took a long break from smoking pipes and didn't really touch them from 1998 to 2010, for many reasons but in part due to having lost the supply of my favorite tobacco "English Luxury", a house blend from a Colorado Springs shop. I now live in Bavaria and smoke a couple blends I found here.


Everything I contribute with the exception of information on my user page (this page), user talk page, or subpages thereof, is available for use by anyone under the Creative Commons license: cc-by-nc-sa. Anything on my user page, user talk page, or subpages thereof, is published here with all rights reserved.