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Vardry Pipes

Vardry Pipes

Patrick about himself:

"I became a pipe carver in the same way that many of us do: One day I bought a carve-it-yourself block at a pipe shop. At the time, I had no knowledge of how to properly finish a pipe, and when I was done carving, I finished it with polyurethane! Despite this sin of ignorance, the pipe smoked well, and I decided to make another. By then I had learned about carnauba wax, so the second pipe, my first freehand, was finished properly. Then one day I showed my pipes to my friends in the pipe shop, and they told me I had talent, so I started making pipes to sell.

The name "Vardry Pipes" comes from my middle name. Vardry has been used as a first and middle name in my family for five generations, dating back to my great-grandfather, Vardry Sr. My great-grandfather used to make his own corncob pipes and smoked the old twist tobacco. So I guess that means I have a shaky claim to saying that pipe-making is in the family."

Patrick Vardry ?
?, upstate South Carolina

Website: Vardry Pipes
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