Velasco smoking pipes

BIOGRAPHY Michael Pipinis-Aliagas


Born in Athens to a Greek father and Peruvian mother. He is the nephew of former president of Peru Juan Velasco Alvarado (1968 to 1975). He grew up still lives in Athens. He is also a songwriter, plays acoustic guitar and oud, writes lyrics and music and has to his credit two personal albums. In 2004 the first record of the work in the form of cd single from the company "Mirror", entitled "Change the Weather", and in 2006 released by the same company, the second record of working with 10 songs his own and other authors, and entitled "On the horizon of time". [Website] - [Facebook fan page]

For about 6 years in the past dealt with the art of goldsmithing workshops of downtown Athens. H preoccupation with the art of construction of pipe smoking began in 2009, dimiourgontas own pipes for his personal collection of original and evolved creating orders with friends and acquaintances. He is a graduate of Byzantine music and is a member of the Byzantine Choir of Elijah Rediadi-Tuba in the church of Agios Panteleimon, Athens (Acharnon Avenue) It is responsible for drafting the cultural online magazine and member of the cultural company "Crossroads of Cultures", which manages versions of culture and music publishing company Music Culture [[1]]


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