Wagner Tabak-Lädeli

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Wagner Tabak-Lädeli

Wagner Tabak-Lädeli of Zurich, formerly Ehrsam, is operated by the Wagner family since 1974. In 1985 they succeeded to allure Jess Chonowitsch to design a line of classic models with a slightly Danish touch as their house label brand.

These pipes are currently made by Jørn Larsen. Four models - billiard, pot, lovat and prince - are offered in smooth and blasted finish, with silver shank caps e.c. Filter pipes on demand.

Wagner Tabak Lädeli
Storchengasse 19
8001 Zurich

Tel.: +41 44 211 84 27
Fax: +41 44 212 45 31
E-mail: wagner@wagner-tabak-laedeli.com
Website: Wagner Tabak-Lädeli