Wall Rope Works Inc.

An interesting pipe created by or for Wall Rope Works, Inc. with a rope like carved shank. If you have information about who made this pipe or the company, please add it here, or send it to sethile.pipes@gmail.com and we can add it for you.

Wall Rope Works Building in Beverly, NJ, courtesy Phatography on Facebook

The following turned up in a search. It seems likely this pipe was made as a gift or promotional offering for Wall Rope Works, located in Beverly, NJ., as referred to in a Facebook photo gallery.

"an industrial complex of national importance and was the first large manufacturer of corded rope. The heart of the factory was its ropewalk, a long narrow building where strands of material were laid and twisted into rope. The 1,700 foot-long facility was the largest in the U.S. The company supplied rope products for the military beginning with the Spanish-American War and was of major importance, during the First World War; its products were used in the construction of the Kennedy Space Center."